Our History

Our roots began when vascular surgeon Dr. Dan Kaelin and technology entrepreneur Allen Byington started the nonprofit Big Bend Regional Health Information Organization (BBRHIO), a first-of-its-kind health resource and secure patient record-sharing service providing software platforms that connected medical offices and facilities. Under their leadership, BBRHIO quickly became known as the largest and most successful Regional Health Information Organization (RHIO) for its delivery of safer, more cost-effective health care.

Together, Byington and Dr. Kealin worked diligently to lay the foundation for successful Health Information Exchange (HIE) participation and implementation within the community. After five years of successfully sharing hundreds of thousands of patient medical records, the organization shifted from nonprofit status and, in 2010, rebranded as HIE Networks, with a goal of expanding the availability of affordable, provider-driven HIEs throughout the U.S.

Over the next decade, the company’s vision and offerings expanded, and in 2021 it became Centralis Health, a name that reflects its philosophy and long history of placing physicians, hospitals, and other providers at the center of everything they do. It remains one of the only original and successful RHIOs uniquely positioned to help communities design and implement an effective and sustainable HIE.

Today, Centralis Health is enabling a world in which all patient health information is immediately and securely available to promote the highest possible health outcomes, providing a better healthcare experience for everyone.

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