Consulting Services

Care Coordination


Delivering Better Outcomes

Centralis Health’s team of expert consultants helps improve community healthcare and drive value-based care by improving workflow, increasing efficiencies, and meeting privacy standards seamlessly and securely.

Population Health Management

Our team facilitates high-performing value-based care clinical processes combined with a suite of HIE services to align, engage, and empower healthcare providers through our nationally recognized platform, technologies, and services. Our population health, community-wide approach supports clinical, financial, and operational needs for providers, health organizations, and communities – for your immediate needs today and your future needs tomorrow.

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Workflow & Productivity

Backed by a team of workflow engineers who work with you to streamline your business, our tools integrate with both your EMR and your staff, providing automated workflows that are effective and easy to manage. Create unified workflows and easily distribute work to staff – no matter what it is or where it came from. All of our solutions provide an objective way to measure performance and uncover workload issues. All service offerings are integrated into our secure cloud network, providing reports and business analytics so you can track and measure users’ productivity. Our solutions offer immediate compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. All data is secure and encrypted to the highest standards and all services are delivered under healthcare-specific legal agreements, including BAAs. Privacy and security are built in – not an add-on.