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Has this ever happened to you?

By KatieBradley on Nov 2, 2022 / ,

You’re an IT manager for an Information and Telecommunication office for your County – but you need a HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability) complaint fax service that you and your employees can use from home or anywhere in the country for that matter. I know, a tale as old as time, we hear it more than you think

While I’d be surprised if this story doesn’t ring true for most of our readers – it’s more of a reality than you’d think – again, I know, shocking.

Dennis Garraty, Security and Telecom Manager at Alachua County had this very problem, and fortunately for him and the County, he found just the right solution. But how did he find it and what magical solution solved his pressing problem? I’m glad you asked.

The real issue wasn’t just upgrading their old out of date faxing hardware, it was much more nuanced because of the types of information being shared and who was going to be using and receiving it. In addition to this, he had to consider the fact that a lot of his employees were now working from home and security was of the utmost importance. He reached out to his network and asked if anyone could suggest a cloud based HIPAA compliant fax service to address all his needs. Almost immediately he found his answer. A colleague from a neighboring county (should we mention Hillsborough?) suggested he contact Centralis Health.  Dennis filled out the general inquiry form on our website, a meeting was scheduled, and we created a plan to implement our cloud based hFax solution.

But as you already know, it wasn’t that simple. There were concerns that had to be addressed. Lucky for Dennis, we take an empathetic approach with all our current and prospective clients. We feel and identify with our customers’ needs, putting ourselves in their shoes to deliver an experience that exceeds their expectations. This is what Dennis had to say about the experience and our partnership:

  • It’s an overall simpler system to use and because it’s cloud based it allows our team to work from home or anywhere they need to be.
  • Super user friendly and only took one training session.
  • Since we installed it – there have been no complaints from any of my staff and we never need to reach out to you because it’s so easy to manage internally, even though I know your customer support is world class.
  • Being a municipality and having to vet new vendors through our legal dept, it was simple and flexible. Centralis Health made it easy to navigate through our municipalities legal system.

Alachua County uses the Centralis Health hFax, which is a comprehensive hosted HIPAA-compliant fax solution that fully integrates with your EMR, if needed. It replaces fax hardware as well as provides standalone, secure internet faxing available anywhere. hFax delivers best-in-class compliance and reliability as a cloud-hosted integrated service of our Communication Suite.

By Eric Kaplan, Growth Manager

As Growth Manager for Centralis Health, Eric is responsible for helping organizations, big and small, of all industries, transition from their outdated and manual health care communications workflows and processes to embrace Centralis Health’s innovative and cloud-based solutions. Prior to joining Centralis Health, Kaplan worked across many industries, including health care, to identify, solve, and implement changes to increase efficiencies and their overall growth as an organization.