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Is Your Healthcare Facility Prepared to Work Remotely?

By KatieBradley on Mar 27, 2020 / ,

HIE Networks is committed to providing the most efficient and secure means of healthcare communication on the market. Now, as the COVID-19 pandemic is reaching its peak, we are working closely with our providers to help them easily transition from their work in-office to their work remotely.  Through this process we have identified many hurdles that the healthcare community will be facing as they transition from in-office to home office without a cloud-based solution in place.

Challenges Working From Home Office

  • Is your current faxing solution limiting your ability to work remotely?
  • Communications – to and from physicians, hospitals, patients & payors
  • Sending and receiving patient referrals remotely
  • Increased need to monitor staff while working remotely
  • HIPAA-Compliant, Auditability, Trackability

HIE Networks offers a HIPAA-compliant, hosted cloud-based solution to solve these and other problems surrounding healthcare communication needs.  Our solution can get you up and running in short order and can provide workflow solutions to some of your greatest challenges in healthcare communications, referral management, etc. Gain the ability to monitor staff productivity remotely with detailed audit logs and reporting built right into the platform for easy one stop access. To learn more, please visit our website at, call us at 850-702-0365, or email us at