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Onboarding New Staff is a Heavy Lift as Turnover Rates in Healthcare Continue to Rise

By KatieBradley on Feb 18, 2022 / ,

Healthcare turnover rates reached 19.5% in 2020

Even before we were faced with a global pandemic the healthcare industry seemed to always struggle with high turnover rates, with staff burnout being one of the leading causes. From my days working in a provider practice, I remember having staff who seemed to have worked there since the beginning of time working directly alongside an ever-rotating new team who stayed for a year at most.  The burden to train new staff always fell on the long timers, which inevitably slowed that staffer down, but the end goal meant an extra body to help with the lift after training was complete. I don’t remember a time when someone wasn’t training for one position or another during my time working in that provider practice.

Now here we are two and half years into the COVID19 global pandemic with no clear end in sight, and healthcare is hurting more than ever. I no longer work on the practice side of healthcare, but I do work daily with practice administrators and their staff to find efficient ways to do more with less. Over the last two and half years I have seen administrators and healthcare professionals break down in tears (both men and women) because they didn’t have enough bodies in the building or hours in the day to do the work required of them to provide efficient care for their patients.  Not only has the turnover rate in healthcare increased, but unlike in the past no one is applying for vacant positions now. The staff that remains no longer has the time to properly onboard and train those that do apply because patient care, as it should, always comes first.

We could all learn to do a little more with less

As a company Centralis Health has prided itself on providing the highest quality of customer support, which meant ensuring that all participants could rely on our team to properly onboard their staff to our platform.  When the need for training continue to rise over the last two and half years, we had a problem to solve. We did what we know best (and exactly what we ask our participants to do) use our technology and tools to do more with less.

We searched and searched for a vendor partner that would allow us to continue providing the support our participants expect from us, but in a digital format that would always be available to them. We knew we needed a Digital Adoption Platform (DAP) that met both our participants needs, but also meshed with our culture of providing stellar support to our clients. We found this balance with Apty and couldn’t be happier with our choice. Together we have worked to build an onscreen interactive knowledge base filled with live onscreen walk throughs, pdf guides, and even video tutorials.

“As an Account Success Manager, it is always rewarding to see new staff at our participants thriving with the tools Centralis Health has to offer. As our company grows, I am grateful for all the new people I get to meet but unfortunately it has been proven difficult to keep up with the training of staff as the turnover rate increases and vendor restrictions are still in place in many areas. Going virtual at the start of the pandemic allowed me to see just how much could be accomplished with a Digital Adoption Platform. By allowing each staff member to learn at their own pace, Apty has helped ease the difficulties we have experienced with training in the past.” Terri Glover, Centralis Health Account Success Manager.

Our team is one of our biggest assets and the personal touch we provide our participants is what sets us apart from other technology vendors. We may now offer a stellar digital adoption platform to help with onboarding of new staff, but our hope is that with the time saved on training we can focus our attention on the more complicated needs of our healthcare organizations.

by Katie Bradley, Director of Operations and Account Success

As Director of Operations and Workflow, Bradley is responsible for helping hospitals and medical practitioners transition from their outdated and manual health care communications workflows and processes to embrace Centralis Health’s innovative and cloud-based solutions. This includes transforming existing fax, internal communications, and referral management processes to achieve maximum efficiency, productivity, and cost savings. In addition, Bradley leads efforts to encourage and engage greater community participation in health care exchanges between providers and hospitals. Prior to joining Centralis Health in 2015, Bradley served in a variety of administrative and operations roles in health care, including as Director of Operations for Digestive Disease Clinic in Tallahassee, FL. She graduated summa cum laude from Florida International University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Services Administration. In her free time, she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.