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eHealth Exchange

Through its certified eHealth Exchange connection, Centralis Health enables electronic discovery and requests through hub technology.

Centralis Health is the newest network participant of eHealth Exchange (eHx), one of the nation’s largest health information networks. This partnership marks the first vendor participant for the network, which traditionally connects hospitals, medical groups, pharmacies, dialysis centers, and other sites of care with each other and federal government agencies.

As the first certified vendor/participant in the national eHealth Exchange, Centralis Health offers hospitals and medical  practices a significant way to reduce fax usage through our gateway into approximately 300 other eHx participants and allows for direct secure messaging. Specifically, participants treating patients out of their base geography due to business or other travel can now electronically discover and retrieve patient information from across the nation - without having to resort to multiple iterations of faxing.

In addition to being an active participant in the network, Centralis Health is also now an eHealth Exchange Validated Product, joining more than a dozen other leading health care technology vendors in completing rigorous testing to ensure interoperability in health care for customers using their health information exchange technology to connect to the eHealth Exchange. Customers of these vendors benefit from reduced testing fees and faster onboarding time to begin a health information exchange with other participants of the eHealth Exchange.

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Regional HIE

Centralis Health has worked closely with HIE Networks Participants to reduce the use of fax technology across programs. 

  • We executed the implementation of electronic laboratory reporting (ELR) for COVID-19 test results. The overwhelming number of results are currently reported by facsimile. With the implementation of ELR for Florida, Georgia, Alabama, and Kentucky, Centralis Health has significantly reduced the amount and frequency of faxing for our participants and the states.
  • We provided a "universal" secure link, which provides a one-page fax that gives the recipient the option to electronically download submissions rather than endure the time and expense of paper fax, especially in the transfer of large page-count faxes on carrier networks.
  • We created a Desktop Client connected to the EHR-neutral cloud-based electronic exchange service, which provides users with the ability to manage, edit, sign, and archive "fax images" (PDFs) electronically rather than by printing out paper and rescanning. 
  • In two Florida communities, we reduced faxing by hundreds of thousands of pages per month – about 40% of the pre-existing faxing. This percentage is only limited by the number of participants within the communities and not by the cloud-based electronic exchange application capacity. Based on current electronic-to-electronic communications and participant page counts, Centralis Health estimates these communities generated over 12 million fax pages per year prior to the adoption of Centralis Health’s integrated solution. While developing this unique technology over the last decade was challenging, driving provider adoption remains the largest hurdle.
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Community Providers

Centralis Health’s innovative technology and communications solutions are helping to transform and improve community health care and drive value-based care by sharing records, improving workflow, and increasing efficiencies that meet privacy standards seamlessly and securely.

Centralis Health has gathered local Tallahassee health care leaders to drive community health care forward, including:

  • Tallahassee Primary Care Associates
  • Tallahassee Orthopedic Clinic
  • Tallahassee Podiatry Associates
  • Eye Associates
  • KWB Pathology Associates
  • Southeastern Urological
  • Care Point Wellness
  • Capital Regional Medical Center
  • North Florida Women’s Care
  • Digestive Disease Clinic
  • Pulmonology Associates
  • Radiology Associates of Tallahassee
  • Tallahassee Ear, Nose & Throat
  • Tallahassee Neurology Clinic
  • Tallahassee Memorial HealthCare

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