Secure Healthcare Faxing: eFax vs. hFax

By Centralis Health on Jul 9, 2019 / ,

The fax machine has been around for over 100 years. Even though its popularity has decreased significantly in recent years, fax machines still account for about 75 percent of all medical communication today. There are some problems with traditional faxing, however. For one, it’s too easy to lose paper faxes. Secondly, fax technology is becoming pricier and harder to maintain, Finally, fax lines are becoming less reliable and less secure which creates regular HIPAA violations.

At Centralis Health, we focus on meeting privacy standards, while managing workflow and measuring productivity. Our hFax offering gets rid of fax hardware and phone lines and provides clients with a cloud-hosted secure healthcare faxing solution that they can use anywhere at anytime. And it’s searchable!

But what makes hFax different from other digital faxing solutions? We are going to compare our hFax solution to a similar product: eFax.

What makes hFax Different?

The biggest factor that makes hFax stand above its competitors is being HIPAA compliant. eFax uses email to send and receive faxes, but email isn’t always secure. At Centralis Health, we strive to make our secure healthcare faxing compliant with all HIPAA regulations.

There are many other reasons why hFax and eFax are different, but we have just highlighted a few below:

  • A secure healthcare faxing solution with simple pricing: Centralis Health provides a simple pricing plan for their secure fax solution. Users can send up to 25,000 faxes a month to an unlimited amount of users. Some services that come with the monthly hFax subscription are: hFax Print Driver, hFax Online, and Workflow Engineer Support. With eFax, users can only send 200 faxes a month.
  • A secure healthcare faxing solution with audit trails: It’s important to keep track of where your faxes are going, especially in a confidential environment. That’s why hFax features audit trails that trace all the transaction details for each user’s faxes. The audit trails shows who has seen the medical record that has been sent and how long it took to complete each task. This is an extra feature we offer to make sure all faxes that are being sent are compliant with HIPAA regulations. eFax does not offer any sort of audit trail with their product.
  • A secure healthcare faxing solution with strong 256-bit encryption: Encryption is the process of converting data into a code that prevents unauthorized access. Two hundred and fifty-six encryption rate is the most secure data encryption.This adds an even larger layer of protection to your faxes to ensure that they are secure and HIPAA compliant.
  • A secure healthcare faxing solution that easily integrates into your current EMR:Sharing medical records is becoming even easier and faster with EMR or Electronic Medical Records. Providers can share information with one another with a click of a button. But what makes hFax stand out against competitors? hFax seamlessly integrates to almost any EMR system. We make it easy to combine paper faxing with digital records.

Choose hFax as YOUR secure healthcare faxing solution

As you can see, hFax offers many important features to make sure your faxing is easy, accurate, and HIPAA compliant. Aside from hFax, we offer other services in our communication suite to help better your healthcare communication, such as: hMessage, hConnect, and hImage. Contact Centralis Health today to get started with your secure healthcare faxing solution!