Communication Suite

HIPAA Faxing


hFax is a comprehensive hosted HIPAA-compliant fax solution that fully integrates with your EMR. It replaces fax hardware as well as provides standalone, secure internet faxing available anywhere. hFax delivers best-in-class compliance and reliability as a cloud-hosted integrated service of our Communication Suite.

Centralis Health’s hFax service leaves an audit trail of who has seen the medical record and how long it took to complete each task. Additional features are many, and include auto-sorting of incoming faxes, large file support with secure link faxing, and secure file upload, as well as fax text search to help you always find the fax you need.

hFax seamlessly integrates into your current operations and workflow, reducing costs and improving reliability while simultaneously transitioning your organization to the health care communications of tomorrow.

  • Replace in-house faxing hardware and fax lines
  • Direct integration with your EMR and other IT systems
  • No busy signals
  • Simple pricing to fit your needs
  • Strong 256-bit encryption in transit and at rest
  • Fully HIPAA-compliant offering, including signed BAAs
  • Ability to access faxes as PDF files anywhere from a secure web portal
  • Unlimited users with permission-based unique logins and audit trails
  • Advanced OCR and Ai capability
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Care Coordination


hMessage is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform built around a unique electronic work queue to facilitate complete care coordination and deliver correspondence to any provider, regardless of technology level.

hMessage service is simple to use and gives staff a unified workflow for all medical correspondence, regardless of your EMR platform or who you are communicating with. Use it for medical records requests, patient referrals, Rx refill requests, back-office billing requests, and more. Achieve better referral management with audit trails showing who has seen each medical correspondence and how long it took to complete each task in its designated workflow.

hMessage is an integrated service in the secure cloud network, offering advanced functionality when coupled with other tools in the Communication Suite, providing the ability to link patient records and automate routing to the patient chart in your EMR.

  • Gain referral management with ALL of your referral partners
  • Experience unified workflow
  • You send the message…. we ensure it’s delivered to the recipient
  • No limitations on the number or type of documents you can securely send
  • Manage all medical correspondence from one easy-to-access work queue
  • Support for DIRECT messaging
  • Integrate with your EMR’s document import process
  • Easily track and transfer documents between departments
  • Remove the clutter in your EMR and take back control of your patient chart
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Data Exchange

hConnect Online

hConnect provides a set of tools that deliver a fully automated health data exchange – think smart EMR technical solutions coupled with secure patient lookup to fit real-world business needs.

hConnect is a hosted federated “spine” architecture where data is NOT commingled – each connected data source has its own legal agreement and database. This design is reliable, safe, and fast. You maintain both ownership and control of your data. Once connections are made, data is normalized, records are linked, and credentialed health care providers can access a unified patient summary record through a secure web portal and ehealth exchange. Centralis Health manages user access, credentialing, and all legal framework required to provide health care data integration..

hConnect is an integrated service of the secure cloud networks and combines with other tools from the Centralis Communication Suite to automate and deliver actionable tasks into staff’s daily workflow:

  • Built on the Microsoft Azure for Health secure cloud network
  • Medical data integration and patient lookup services
  • Cost-effective EMR interfacing
  • Normalized patient repository in MSSQL database
  • Integration with state-level event notifications
  • Support for all major protocols including HL7, CCDs, VPN, API, CSV, etc.
  • Outsourced interface hub
  • Secure access to patient records during emergencies
  • eHealth Exchange access and connectivity
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Image Sharing


hImage is an extension of hConnect, providing a universal Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine web viewer and full DICOM image exchange services via a partnership with Ambra Health.

Centralis Health recognizes Ambra® as the leading cloud-based image exchange service available today. We have partnered with them and fully integrated their FDA 510(k) cleared DICOM Image web viewer and enterprise image exchange in our secure cloud networks as part our direct, secure messaging housed in our Communication Suite.

  • No VPN required
  • Stop burning CDs
  • Unified FDA-cleared DICOM web viewer
  • Enterprise electronic image exchange
  • Clinical data management