Population Health

Is Your Organization Ready for Population Health Management?

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As the U.S. healthcare system shifts from a fee-for-service business model to a value-based model, new opportunities are emerging to reduce costs, improve efficiencies, and drive better health outcomes and experiences across the continuum of care. Centralis Health's expert consultants can help your organization navigate the changes and provide solutions to manage and mitigate the risks associated with reimbursement policies.

Governance and Strategy(Required)
Can you describe the various legal structures that have either been created or are working in conjunction with each other to provide your integrated value-based care model?
Administration and Finance(Required)
Does your leadership team understand population health and its requirements? Does your team have dedicated resources responsible for ensuring the success of your population health strategy, including the management of complex relationships, diverse revenue streams, innovative payment alignment, and risk-based payments?
Network Support(Required)
Is your organization positioned to provide a diverse network of providers and resources to assist patients in supporting patient care delivery and management across all service areas and the entire care continuum?
Advanced Primary Care and Patient(Required)
Is your organization providing patient-centered focus care models to include staffing, financial management, HIT, quality improvement, patient experience, and quality and performance metrics?

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