Delivering fully automated clinical EMR data exchange, including user access, credentialing, and interoperability compliance.

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Kim Quackenbush

Practice Administrator, Tallahassee Ear, Nose & Throat, P.A.

“We have found that being part of the health information exchange has allowed our staff to efficiently address patient care needs. Electronic access to health care information allows staff … to help the patients quickly by retrieving information that is key to patient care.”


hConnect provides a set of tools that deliver fully automated clinical data exchange – think smart EMR interfacing coupled with secure patient lookup to fit real-world business needs.

hConnect is a hosted federated “spine” architecture where data is NOT commingled – each connected data source has its own legal agreement and database. This design is reliable, safe, and fast. You maintain both ownership and control of your data. Once connections are made data is normalized, records are linked, and credentialed health care providers can access a unified patient summary record through a secure web portal and community patient lookup services. Centralis Health manages user access, credentialing, and all legal framework required to run the exchange.

hConnect is an integrated service of the secure cloud networks and combines with other tools from the Communication Suite to automate and deliver actionable tasks into staff’s daily workflow:

  • Built on the Microsoft Azure for Health secure cloud network
  • Community patient lookup services
  • Cost-effective EMR interfacing
  • Normalized patient repository in MSSQL database
  • Integration with State-level Event Notifications
  • Support for all major protocols including HL7, CCDs, VPN, API, CSV, etc.
  • Outsourced interface hub
  • Secure access to patient records during emergencies
  • eHealth Exchange access and connectivity