Care Coordination


hMessage is a HIPAA-compliant messaging platform built around a unique electronic work queue. This queue facilitates complete care coordination and lets you deliver correspondence to any provider, regardless of technology level.

hMessage service is HIPAA-compliant and simple to use, giving staff a unified workflow for all medical correspondence – regardless of your EMR platform or who you’re communicating with. Use it to replace faxing, for medical records requests, patient referrals, Rx refill requests, back-office billing requests, and more.

hMessage is an integrated service in the secure cloud network, offering unlimited communications and guaranteed delivery to other network members.

  • Experience unified workflow
  • You send the message…. we ensure that it’s delivered to the recipient
  • No limitations on the number or type of documents you can securely send
  • Manage all medical correspondence from one easy-to-access work queue
  • Integrate with your EMR’s document import process
  • Easily track and transfer documents between departments
  • Remove the clutter in your EMR and take back control of your patient chart