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We enable health care providers to access, manage, and use medical information at the point of care and beyond.


The Optimal Solution For Everyone

“As we transition to Centralis Health, you can rest assured that the same leadership and support team you’ve come to know will continue to provide you with the same excellent level of high-touch service and care that you have come to expect. We’ll be bringing you exciting news in the coming weeks and months, including solution enhancements and new features, consulting services, and much more.”
Zach Finn, CEO


Do you and your physicians have necessary patient information at your fingertips? We didn’t think so. Our solution will help you exchange data faster with less duplication and lower costs.


Frustrated by inefficient workflows and mounds of paper? We get it. You need one solution that automates routine tasks, reduces staff time, increases overall satisfaction and grows with your practice.


Are you losing time and money trying to solve your health IT challenges with legacy faxes and dated infrastructure? Let us show you a better way to optimize your health IT environment.

Delivering Better Outcomes

Centralis Health’s innovative technology and communications solutions are helping to improve community health care and drive value-based care by improving workflow, increasing efficiencies and meeting privacy standards seamlessly and securely.


Manage Workflow

Backed by a team of workflow engineers who work with you to streamline your business, our tools integrate with both your EMR and your staff, providing automated workflows that are effective and easy to manage. Create unified workflows and easily distribute work to staff – no matter what it is or where it came from.

Measure Productivity

Our solution provides an objective way to measure performance and uncover workload issues. All service offerings are integrated into our secure cloud network, providing reports and business analytics so you can track and measure users’ productivity.


Meet Privacy Standards

Our Communication Suite offers immediate compliance with HIPAA/HITECH. All data is secure and encrypted to the highest standards and all services are delivered under health care-specific legal agreements, including BAAs. Privacy and security are built in – not an add-on.

Solutions to Meet Every Need

An EMR-neutral platform, Centralis Health’s solutions are 100% secure, HIPAA-compliant, and can be configured to integrate with any existing practice workflow, minimizing disruptions to patient care and office management.

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From Our Customers

Centralis Health Participants See the Value of the EHR-neutral Cloud-based Electronic Data Exchange Service

“Florida Medical Practice Plan, Inc. and its clinical services absolutely love having HIE access. It has proven very beneficial in closing the loop on patient care. If we need information from another medical office in town, no problem – we just log

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“We have found that being part of the health information exchange has allowed our staff to efficiently address patient care needs. Electronic access to health care information allows staff, in whatever capacity they are working (I.e., nursing, front

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“Our partnership with HIE Networks in establishing an electronic faxing system has proven invaluable to our Community Behavioral Health Clinic. It has streamlined our referral process and enables us the ability to organize and securely store Protected

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“It was very helpful to be able to connect through HIE and DICOM to access outside imaging of one of my patients who required surgery. It provided an intuitive and easy to use platform which again facilitated immediate access to valuable information

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“HIE Networks Health Information Network has been our resource for HIPAA-complaint communication with our referring and donating providers. We are able to receive referrals, medical records and other documents via HIE. The information contained in the

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“We have been using HIE for well over 10 years at Digestive Disease Clinic now and have been very pleased with all aspects of their services. From the ease of use to the community-based access of records (which is undeniably invaluable in any practice

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