Stay Ahead of Network Disruptions and Outages

For healthcare providers, unexpected electronic health record (EHR) and network outages can have a drastic impact on patient care. They’re also an expensive challenge.

You rely on your EHR and network to manage patient scheduling, access patient records, submit prescription requests, refer patients to other providers, and more. A down system can leave you lost.

A recent CyberMDX study finds that midsize hospital outages last an average of 10 hours, at a cost of more than $47,500 per hour.



Your regional health information exchange (HIE) can help.

A robust, regional HIE provides a critical layer of connectivity and access among providers, payers, and patients. By joining an HIE, your healthcare operations can continue uninterrupted during network or EHR outages, natural disasters, or cyberattacks.

Ensure patient care continues uninterrupted.

  • Retain access to patient records and test results.
  • Maintain the ability to refer patients to other providers.
  • Keep patient appointments.

How It Works

When IT systems at Tallahassee Memorial Healthcare (TMH) went offline unexpectedly, the hospital turned to Centralis’ Community Health Exchange to access patient records securely and hMessage solution to keep lines of commuincation open with thier community referral partners.

Centralis was able to get TMH back up and running 10 days before IT staff restored its systems.

Frequently Asked Questions

Ready to back up your operations in case of unplanned network outages?