Unlocking a Multitude of Benefits with a Single API Solution

Elevate Your Medical Practice with Seamless Integration: Centralis Health and Modernizing Medicine's EMA EHR Interface Propel Healthcare Interoperability and Efficiency to New Heights


Connections to Multiple National Networks

Why settle for canned health information exchange connectivity that focuses solely on moving data, without considering its content? At Centralis Health, we go beyond just transferring data; we prioritize its usability. Why limit yourself to just one canned national exchange connection when you can harness the power of both the eHealth Exchange and Carequality to better serve your patients?

Communication never been easier

  • Import records seamlessly into patient charts.
  • Send records and be confident we will deliver.
  • Referral management that works for you.
  • Trust we will answer the call when you need us.
Lights On

Keep the Lights on During Downtime

  • Retain access to patient records and test results.
  • Maintain the ability to refer patients to other providers.
  • Keep patient appointments.

Ready to elevate your practice?