Services & Solutions

Our Communication Suite of EHR-neutral cloud-based electronic exchange service capabilities.

An EMR-neutral platform, Centralis Health’s solutions are 100% secure, HIPAA-compliant, and can be configured to integrate with any existing practice workflow, minimizing disruptions to patient care and office management. Built on Microsoft’s Azure for Health platform, our solutions are more efficient and productive than other EMR and faxing solutions, at a fraction of the cost. Our solution offers:

  • EMR Interfacing
  • Fax server replacement
  • Electronic referrals
  • Clinical data exchange
  • Event notifications
  • Reporting & analytics
  • DICOM image sharing

Centralis Health’s unique approach allows a step-by-step transition by replacing eFax servers and carrier lines with fully integrated secure software and access to a regional health information exchange network connected to the national eHealth Exchange. eFaxes generated by the EMR are routed via this “new” network to provide read receipts, color documents, and instant transmission.

We have learned that in addition to understanding the standards and technologies of electronic data exchange, intimate knowledge of and relationships with telecommunication carriers is key to creating a bridge that both embraces and supports the fax-only workflows widely used by the health care industry today. The combination of electronic data exchange and faxing communications, integrated in a single service, is what has been missing in the quest to transition to electronic exchange.