How Secure is a Fax?

By Centralis Health on Nov 26, 2019 /

How Secure Is Fax?

For many years, faxing has been the primary way of sending documents between offices. As an electronic medium, faxing persevered the test of technological times, outlasting others such as beepers and dial phones. While landline phones are still used in offices everywhere, it is implied that these types of technologies will phase out since due to the many technological advances happening each year.

The bottom line is this: faxing is no longer as viable of an option for companies as it used to be. As times change, so will technology, and equally so will threats to security adapt. It’s not only viruses, worms, and malware that you have to be concerned about, but also hackers and other threats from data miners.

If your equipment is too outdated, there is a strong chance that it does not meet HIPAA requirements for the safety of personal information transfers. What HIPAA seeks is to keep healthcare facilities and medical companies compliant with regulations that are necessary to keep a client’s information private. If the equipment within a medical facility is not compliant with the regulations set forth by HIPAA, a company may be subject to various fines and warnings.

HIE Networks offers the ability for all medical companies to communicate confidential information within secure bounds. HIE Networks becomes your go-to for all healthcare communications. Since all HIE solutions are HIPAA compliant, the guessing game is obsolete.

Data is as precious of a commodity as any other type of currency. Leaked information is powerful in the wrong hands. Older fax transmissions are no longer the industry standard for a clear reason; instead, the majority of companies and organizations are switching to more secure fax methods to prevent leaking information.

Even though faxing is still considered safer than emailing sensitive information, older faxing technologies are still more likely to be corrupted or broken into. The more aged software used on the clunkier faxing machines from the 1990s is a struggle for the new generation of office workers. With hFax, you upgrade to a type of faxing system that is meant to be integrated into your workflow with a modern taste in mind.

The hFax system is a unique and secure fax messaging service that HIE Network offers medical office workers who seek to replace fax with something more comprehensive. The design of the hFax is intuitive; it replaces the old EMR way of doing things by replacing the hardware with a sleeker design. It is standalone internet faxing as its finest. While it is still considered a type of faxing as a means of communicating sensitive data, it utilizes a powerful medical cloud-based system that has been put into place for health care providers to use everywhere it is compatible.

If your company is in need to lock down its information exchange methods, look to HIE Networks for the best HIPPA compliant solutions available. For more information, please contact us using the form below.