Centralis Health: More than Faxing

It is 2022 and we are still faxing, some might even say more than ever.

As we all know, the healthcare industry is still heavily reliant on this ancient form of communication. At Centralis Health we are trying to reduce the faxing footprint as much as we can with secure point-to-point communication. However, when faxing is necessary, we provide more advanced features and tools that increase fax reliability for the betterment of all.

How many times have you found yourself trying to fax a patient’s entire chart? Let’s be honest, faxing anything more than 50 pages is never fun or easy. Centralis Health participants have access to an amazing feature called Digital Download. Sending out a fax as a Digital Download is easy, and will send the receiving organization a single page fax with a URL on it. Once the receiver navigates to the URL page, they can retrieve their complete document. It is now easier than ever to send large files and save so much time and paper (and frustration). You can send entire packets of patient information with just one page. You can also send a Digital Download as an email. If you would like to avoid faxing altogether you can use the new Centralis Health Desktop Application to email out the Digital Download instructions. From there, it will work the same. The receiver can retrieve their documents from the URL within the email. Of course, we are a HIPAA compliant organization, and all document retrieval methods will require two-factor authentication to be sure we are protecting all patient’s data.

A fax takes a minute per page to deliver…What if another office is trying to send an entire patient chart to you? Have you found yourself waiting patiently (or impatiently) for a fax that is never going to come? Requiring you to call the office and request they fax it again. Wouldn’t it be much easier if you could provide a URL upload link to the sender and avoid this situation altogether? Centralis Health participants can! We can provide you a secure upload link that you are able to place on your website or email as needed allowing others to upload documents straight to your work queues in the secure Centralis Health web portal. With guaranteed instantaneous delivery no matter the file size, this is a great alternative to mailing records when faxing fails to work.

These are just a few of the tools we provide to make your everyday workflows a little easier. Though we cannot eliminate faxing all together, we can try and make it more efficient by offering alternatives when possible. If you are currently a Centralis Health participant and are interested in any of the features above, please reach out to us at support@centralishealth.com. If you are not a Centralis Health participant but would like more information on the features and tools that may work best for your organization, please reach out to us at contact@centralishealth.com. Let’s reduce some faxing and start making healthcare commination more efficient, we look forward to hearing from you!

By Terri Glover, Account Success Manager

As an Account Success Manager, Glover is responsible for training and assisting Central Health users as they redesign their internal health care communication processes and workflows to increase reliability, efficiency, and security using Centralis Health’s solution. Glover serves as a trusted and knowledgeable team member to address questions and problem-solve, all while providing exceptional customer service.

Prior to joining Centralis Health full-time in 2019, Glover managed the front desk at Centralis Health’s home office in Tallahassee, FL. Glover graduated from Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University with a Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing, and she is a registered nurse in the state of Florida. In her spare time, she enjoys reading and home renovation projects.